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The DrL graph layout generator


DrL is a force-directed graph layout toolbox focused on real-world large-scale graphs, developed by Shawn Martin and colleagues at Sandia National Laboratories.


layout.drl (graph, use.seed = FALSE, seed = matrix(runif(vcount(graph) * 
    2), nc = 2), options = igraph.drl.default, weights = E(graph)$weight, 
    fixed = NULL) 


graph The input graph, in can be directed or undirected.
use.seed Logical scalar, whether to use the coordinates given in the seed argument as a starting point.
seed A matrix with two columns, the starting coordinates for the vertices is use.seed is TRUE. It is ignored otherwise.
options Options for the layout generator, a named list. See details below.
weights Optional edge weights. Supply NULL here if you want to weight edges equally. By default the weight edge attribute is used if the graph has one.
fixed Logical vector, it can be used to fix some vertices. All vertices for which it is TRUE are kept at the coordinates supplied in the seed matrix. It is ignored it NULL or if use.seed is FALSE.


This function implements the force-directed DrL layout generator.

The generator has the following parameters:


A numeric matrix with two columns.


Shawn Martin and Gabor Csardi for the R/igraph interface


See Also

layout for other layout generators.


g <- as.undirected(, m=1))
l <- layout.drl(g, options=list(simmer.attraction=0))
## Not run: 
plot(g, layout=l, vertex.size=3, vertex.label=NA)
## End(Not run)

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